Friday, May 3, 2013

quilling my own name

after a long hiatus from quilling,
one day i woke up with a strong determination to do quilling.
and my determination came in the right moment because the next day is labour day.
so I technically spent my holiday with quilling my name and a lot of....
err... sleeping.

I love to quill flower!
and I love to see the end product of quilled typography.
but i hate to do it.
Its so  time consuming!

Before this I successfully made quilled typography for 3 people.
but I never quilled my own name.
So, i decided to make one.
Start up my gear on the morning of 1 May 2013
and finished it on 3rd of may

Although its a bit early, i guess this is my birthday present to myself :)


Aya Aris said...


idea semulajadi said...

tq aya :)

Gadis Misteri said...

makin cantik huruf2 lam wat.

idea semulajadi said...

c d leg la~ hahaha~ eh silap, finger~