Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kisah di ATM

Suatu hari saya pergi ke bank,
ingin menggunakan ATM.
ada 3 mesin ATM,
dua daripadanya penuh,
panjang barisannya.
1 yang di hujung, kosong.
Terdetik dalam hati saya,
"mesti mesin itu out of service".
Maka saya pun beratur di barisan yang panjang itu.

Selepas seketika saya beratur,
saya menjeling ke arah mesin yang kosong itu.
Saya nampak slot kad nya berkelip2 warna hijau.
"kalau out of service bukan ke patut tak berkelip?"
Saya menoleh ke belakang saya, makin ramai.
Kalau saya pergi ke mesin kosong itu,
tiba-tiba memang betul mesin itu out of service,
mesti malu yang amat & kelihatan seperti orang bodoh!
lagipun saya sudah beratur lama,
kalau saya keluar daripada barisan,
saya perlu masuk balik di belakang,
jadi saya pun mematikan keinginan saya untuk pergi mencuba mesin kosong itu.

Tiba-tiba, seorang pakcik daripada barisan sebelah,
keluar daripada barisan,
walaupun hanya tinggal 2 orang di hadapan beliau.
Beliau pergi ke mesin atm yang kosong itu,
dan memasukkan kad beliau.
Mata saya tertumpu pada pakcik itu.
Saya yakin, bukan hanya saya,
tetapi seluruh mata yang terdapat di bank itu memandang beliau.
Semua igin tahu, samada mesin itu berfungsi atau tidak.

Ya! pakck itu berjaya mengeluarkan duit beliau.
Pada saat itu, saya rasa seperti orang bodoh!
Saya rasa semua yang ada di situ juga rasa begitu.

Ini menunjukkan, masyarakat kita, terlalu mementingkan pandangan daripada orang lain.
Walaupun orang yang tak kenal siapa kita.
Semua takut untuk pergi ke mesin itu dan melihat samada ianya betul2 out of service atau tak.
Takut dinilai.
Semua hanya masuk ke barisan panjang tanpa soal.
Saya tabik spring la kat pakcik tu!

Monday, September 16, 2013

monday couple

If you are one of the running man fan,
then you will know what couple im talking about.
Like most of the running man fan,
im one of the most die hard fan of monday couple!

sweet gary

They are just so sweet aren't they?
and i was so sad when ji hyo announced her relationship with her CEO,
and put things awkward between monday couple on the show afterwards~
good thing that they break up just for a short time and come back together in screen~
& in the latest episode,

i screaming out loud watching this video~
& deep in my heart was hoping that this scene was not scripted.
(althought i doubt so)
just date you two!
and i bet, most of the monday couple fans are like me,
really hoping that they are real!
waiting for this time to come
okay, so basically, this entry was just to let out my excitement of monday couple~ lol
cant wait for this episode to be subbed.
forget the HD download link,
ill watch it as soon as it publish!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

yes, people do change

Hi peeps!
Lol, i wonder whether my blog still have a readers~
Because seriously, the last time i do had a real entry (i mean real REAL), a year ago!
Since i became a teacher, i dont really have time to write anymore.
Many things in my mind, and my heart that i would like to share here,
but it will only stay as draft.

So, a couple of days ago, I completed a year as a teacher.
Ive been here, in Mukah, for a year.
Ive been waiting for this day to come.
Its a milestone that i had set.
And Im proud of myself now to have successfully completed it.

As i cant sleep tonight,
I stroll a few of my friend's profile on the fb.
Some of them totally changed,
like i never knew them before.
Some changed for good, and some otherwise.
But its not about what they have become,
its about me.
Somehow i feel sad seeing my friend that i knew,
is not the same anymore.
I wonder, if we met now,
will we be as close as we were before?
Will our topic of interest still be the same?
Will there be an awkwardness between us?

But, they are not the only one who changed.
I have changed.
I got that a lot from my friends.
I have to accept the fact that people do change.

For now, I want to treasure the moments with all my friends here,
because, we dont know what we will happen to us in another year.