Monday, September 16, 2013

monday couple

If you are one of the running man fan,
then you will know what couple im talking about.
Like most of the running man fan,
im one of the most die hard fan of monday couple!

sweet gary

They are just so sweet aren't they?
and i was so sad when ji hyo announced her relationship with her CEO,
and put things awkward between monday couple on the show afterwards~
good thing that they break up just for a short time and come back together in screen~
& in the latest episode,

i screaming out loud watching this video~
& deep in my heart was hoping that this scene was not scripted.
(althought i doubt so)
just date you two!
and i bet, most of the monday couple fans are like me,
really hoping that they are real!
waiting for this time to come
okay, so basically, this entry was just to let out my excitement of monday couple~ lol
cant wait for this episode to be subbed.
forget the HD download link,
ill watch it as soon as it publish!


nursyaida nasuha rosman said...

100& agree!!

wanz said...

waaa stalker abis pasal monday kapel nii... tp salute abis la ngan ji hyo sbb wpon dia cntik dia xplih rupa bila dia plih anjing bulldog... xtau la cuma dpn kamera or x...

Anonymous said...

minat runningman?

promote sikit.. kalo nk tgk movie on9, omputeh, hindustan, runningman singgah la

nk request movie pn boleh... =)

idea semulajadi said...

wanz: layan running man jugak? kpop layan jugak ke? :)

Anonymous said...

Dr episode 1 follow woo runningman ni.. Lg2 ji hyo! Gnas tp cntik.. Haha
Kpop? Lgu2 kurg tp drama2 korea lyn la yg mne best... Memory hardisk pnuh sbb drama korea je. BaHahaha.....1