Monday, June 11, 2012

New Books

I'm not a book person.
I dont read.
I prefer Facebook and movies than books.
And I choose quilling over books.

But I'm reading again nowadays.
It's all started in the holiday when i have nothing to do at Tok's house (Langgar, Alor Star).
So I grab one of my cousin's book and didn't manage to finish it.
The story captured my interest,
so I went to the bookshop in KB Mall (after Kedah, we went to Kelantan) to find this book:

Instead, i found this:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is an interesting book and i decided to make a collection of it.
Beside, my younger sister like this book too and at last we managed to make her read novel.

So, after we reach back our home town,
I start my search for The Book Of Tomorrow,
and I found it at MPH.
Now, I'm on my way to finish it.
My Umi also bought me another Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

I'm going to collect it all!
But it will take some time though because of the price ;p

** oh yes, anyone who wants to correct my grammar or suggest a better sentences are most welcome. The reason i wrote this in English is to improve my English. 


yana said...

oh, cerita ni. ak x bce novel dia. ak tgk movie dia je..huhu

idea semulajadi said...

movie wimpy kid ke?
aku de jugak dlm lappy,
tp x ter tengok2 lg~

Lo Lol said...

cam best je. hihihi...

idea semulajadi said...

best3~ sume best~ kalau x best aku x baca~
wimpy kid tu cam ala2 conteng2 la, tp byk nievel dr grafik~ tp grafik stiap page ade la~

azyan azilah said...

cool. actually reading is a very great way to expand your imagination.i always encourage my friends to read more. I'm totally a book person so yeah of course i'll support you all the way! if you wanted to know other books that i recommended, you should check out my goodReads account, at my blog's sidebar. then maybe we could exchange a few books perhaps? haha cool!

btw, your grammar is okey although there's a few mistakes here and there. but don't give up and keeps on writing! :) im not perfect either so we could all just learn new things everyday! yeah!

idea semulajadi said...

okay, will check it later~ thank you yan !!!

Noorliyana Rashid said...

yup2. movie wimpy kid tu..