Monday, July 16, 2012

Quilled Flower 3 : Cascading Loops Technique

Cascading Loops is a technique that need you to use Quilling Comb.
I learned how to make a cascading loops with the help of LHGC tutorial.

Here is some flower that i made using this technique:

Cascading Loops (1 Tone)
Diameter : 6.7 cm

Curved Cascading Loops (2 Tones)
Diameter : 8 cm

Twisted Cascading Loops (2 Tones)
Diameter : 7 cm


UMA IYER said...

The blue and pink combination is so wonderful.. Definitely going to try this one :)

idea semulajadi said...

tq but its actualy pink and white~
but many saw it s blue~~