Monday, September 3, 2012

What you should have to start quilling

If you search the internet,
you will found a lot of sites that offer you a beginner tutorial on how to quill.
Thats why i never make a tutorial on my blog~

But i often received a question from people who are interested in quilling,
but they have no idea how to make it at all.
And their favorite question is what are the tools~

So today i will show you what are the basic tools for you to start quilling~

1.  Paper strip
The size that are normally use for quilling is 3mm.
image source
You can buy the paper strip, cut it yourself or cut it using paper shredder.
But if you cut the paper with paper shredder, you will have a rough edge paper strips.
I like the rough edge better than the clean one~
This is when I cut the strip myself
This is when I used paper shredder. Can you see the difference?
I bought my paper shredder at .

2. Slotted Tool / Needle Tool
[Click here to buy and its the same source for the image] Slotted tool. It has a small slit for you to insert the strip and hold the strip while we make a coil.
[Image source] Needle tool
I prefer slotted tools because its easier to use.
You can make your own slotted tool,
this is the tutorial.
When I first try to quill,
I used the pimple needle (because its easy to find, you can buy it at any supermarket).
[Image source] Pimple needle

3. Glue
I recommend you to use PVA glue.
I used water glue before(standard glue that you can easily found at stationary),
but its wet and will affect the coil that you have quilled.
And I bought Tip Applicator Bottle and fill the glue inside.
It will make it easier to glue your small quilling strip.
[Image source] Tip Applicator Bottle

Ok, thats all you need to have to start a quilling.
What I will list next, are optional.

4. Circle template
[Image source] Circle template
Circle template is used when you want to produce many coils with the same size.
Circle template can be found at stationary.
I bought mine for RM1 only~

5. Tweezer
[Image source] Tweezer
Tweezer will make it easy for you to pick up the delicate coil~

There are many sites that sold quilling tools.
I hope this entry will help those who want to start quilling :)

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