Thursday, August 19, 2010

why did we wait until the last minute?

yesterday, we're having a mock interview in our english class.

when the lecturer ask:
"what is your major weakness?",

most of us answered:
"I tend to work on the job at the very last minute..."
"I will start the assignment when the due date is near..."

and we covered up with something like:
"....but I managed to finished it right on time."

right now, I am working on an assignment that must be submit today before 5pm.
and I just started it at 11pm yesterday. (I had my sleep ok? I am awake for my sahur)
oh, and now you must be wondering since when the lecturer assigned this assignment to me?
it was about 3 weeks ago!

what on earth I have been doing for this past 2 weeks and 6 days ago??

Ok, first let me inform you that within that 3 weeks, i have 7 assignments with each due date are before today.
oh yes, and plus one test. 
if you were me, which one would you prefer to do first?
of course the one with the nearest due date first right?

stop making excuses Ilham~~
I need to learn how to manage my time efficiently.
The last book that i borrowed from the library was "Common Sense Time Management" by Barrie Pearson.
But I don't even manage to finished it because it was so B. O. R. I. (you know what will come next).

Am I the only student who is lack of time management skill?
or is this a habit of students to wait until the last minute?
even the smart one have this problem ok~

I will overcome this weakness.
because even though I managed to submit the assignment right on time,
I am sure the jobs that have been done with a rush,
are not as quality as the one that have been done properly.

I think I should stop now,
and start focusing on my assignment.
I have about 12 hours to finish it.

Good luck Ilham~~

this is my first entry that I successfully wrote in full English! 
My cousin's blog had motivated me and increased my confident level to did this.
every comments on my language are most welcome :)


sir said...

splendid..well done ilham..(^_^)

tem~ said...

eden xphm r bi ni~