Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 things in 10 days

My beloved sis,amna has tagged me with this.
Since my head have been clogged with thesis
and I cant produce any idea to write a new entry,
I decided to join this.
The 10 days will start later,
after I settle my thesis submission.
I will tag only 1 person,
because I think she will like this.
My dear Jue,
no compulsion for you~ ;p


Lo Lol said...

ye2, memang sebijik mcm ko yg aku kenal. haha.

idea semulajadi said...

hehe~ mmg la~ kalo x, ko x kenal aku la jwbnye~
btw, aku rase ko slh komen utk entry len nie~
layout baru aku komenye di atas.
tp ko bukan org pertama yg tersilap~

Lo Lol said...

haah la.. patot la pelik semacam je.