Saturday, January 21, 2012

ways to win my heart?

10 ways to win my heart?
this is hard!
i dont really know how~
so, i just list a few things that i think will make my heart flutter~

1. Romantic
2. Gentleman
3. Guitarist
4. Sociable with my friend
5. Considerate
6. Funny
7. Caring
8. Know their responsibilities
9. Work hard
10. Compromising

This is hard.
I even stuck for a moment at number 4.
When I like someone,
he already won my heart,
without I myself knowing the reasons~


Lo Lol said...

These, describe him perfectly... hahaha. Kena la kan dia ngan taste ko. KiKiKi..

idea semulajadi said...

heh, maybe aku tulis nie pun pkir kan dia~ aku btol2 tataw utk wat tjuk nie~

Anonymous said...

Salah tajuk... Bkn way to win my heart... This how he win my heart.. Sbb suma ciri ade kt si dia... Bkn kt suma org..